Welcome to my blog about Youtube and Google Ads

I´m Lili, a full-time account manager based in Lisbon/Portugal. I work here for a Google Partner, my job is to look at the Google Ads accounts with my clients and give helpful advice on how to make the most of their investment. I have optimized +450 accounts with my customers so far.

Here I share my knowledge with you, whether you are a newbee to digital marketing, running you own account as a business owner or working for a marketing agency.

I´m specialized on Youtube Ads, so expect a lot of new insights in this relatively unknown area.

In my “In a nutshell” series, I´ll give rookies an overview of our possibilities with Pay-Per-Click-Advertising (PPC Ads).

Conversion tracking seems to be a challenge, especially when owners are running their own accounts, so we´ll cover this topic extensively.

If you have a question I haven´t covered yet, feel free to contact me.



You can write me to lili.marocsik@gmail.com  

whatsapp: +351 962 221 846

Or just down here!