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I was born in Budapest/Hungary and raised in Germany and have settled to my favorite city now: Lisbon

There are many things I love, but Lisbon is definetely one of them!


Therefore I mostly write about the Portuguese capitol and in my interview project “Lisbon wants…!” I want to find out, what Lisbon 3.0 should look like, if we could make bold wishes.


Originally an event manager, I have worked for 10 years in creative venues like concert halls and museums. I turned that job into a hobby again and run 2 regular monthly meetups in Lisbon:


 roundtable for video makers

  roundtable for bloggers 


If you would like to make a presentation on one of them, feel free to contact me, we´re always open for new input!


Take a look at the regular events I organize for the Lisbon Digital Nomads!