Nice to meet you!


I´m a real European: I was born in Hungary, raised in Germany and Lisbon in Portugal is my beloved home base nowadays. Here I learn and grow as a marketer, public speaker (I´m the president of the local English Toastmaster club) and human being. 

I speak fluent German, Hungarian and English. I wouldn´t brag about my Portuguese language skills as much as about my PPC skills, to be honest.

Lili and her favourite city: Lisbon

I´m the SME (subject matter expert) at my workplace which is a Google Partner office and give trainings to the German team on a regular basis.

On my website I´m happy to share my wisdom with you and help you with simple decisions like when to turn a keyword off, what to advertise, how to determine the right ROI.

I´m specifically proud to be specialized on Youtube advertising: Google Ads is mostly a numbers game, Youtube let´s me be more creative in finding the clients´ audience.

My other specialty is to look at the business as a whole and determine with the client if his or her ads strategy needs improvement.

I know the pain points, conversion tracking seems to be a challenge, especially when owners are running their own accounts.

I´m always happy about feedback, so feel free to drop me a line or two in the contact section!