Part 1: Google Ads loopholes that waste your budget

If you think that Google Ads is a complex system and wonder how (in the world!) a business owner, who runs his own ads, is supposed to keep track of all the features and updates, I have to nod my head in agreement.

It´s like a never ending baboshka effect.

But I can give you more than just some kind words of encouragement (“When you do set it up right, it´s a magnificent lead generator!”), instead let´s talk in this series about the loopholes that probably waste a lot of your budget! First, let´s start with the easiest of them all:

Location options

You are absolutely sure that you chose the right locations when you created the campaign. And yet, when checking the user location report, you discover clicks from a mix of countries wilder than the Olympics. The reason is a loophole which Google hid so well, that many agencies I work with even get these settings wrong.

Follow me:

  • Campaign level
  • Settings
  • Locations
  • Location options

OPTION 1 : People in, or who show interest, in your targeted locations

Let´s imagine you offer a whiskey tasting seminar and you are targeting people within a 40km radius, but you don´t want to exclude anybody who is planing a vacation and therefore has researched events in your area. In this case, this is the winner.

OPTION 2 : People in, or regularly in, your targeted locations

For most businesses this is the right setting: you deliberately chose the targeted locations and that´s exactly where you want the people to be, simple as that!

OPTION 3 : People searching for your targeted locations

Typically used for anything related to tourism and job searches.

Youtube is the only network that doesn´t have location options and can only target people in their physical location.

Still wondering where you can find the user location report? Are you sure you want to see the full extent of the tragedy? Well, you asked for it:

  • Campaign level
  • Locations
  • Click on Geographic Report
  • User location report

And because we all love saving money, you will be jumping over the moon for part 2, when we elaborate on if or when to switch off the Search Network Partners and the Display Opt-in.

Now you are really just left with the question: what to do with all this money you are saving thanks to my blog? ; )

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