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For my own blogs I usually write about Lisbon or travelling. Take a look at my tone of voice and see if I can “speak on your behalf”.

I also write in German.

Here are some examples of my writing style:

Hipster Guide to Lisbon - for bePortugal.com

You will find many blogs guiding you through hipster Lisbon and we suppose you have already marked many of these spots as “done”. But we want to dig a little deeper here and take you to the hipster spots of today, tomorrow and the day after...

Sintra - a Place of History, Royalty and Magic

If you know Portugal just a bit, you definitely know (and love) Sintra! It’s the unmissable day trip from Lisbon and one of the major tourist destinations of Portugal. There are many mystical stories about this lovely little city and it’s no wonder many artists and poets mingled around here in the 19th century...

Camping in Portugal

No other way of travelling will give you a feeling of freedom as much as camping. Well, maybe one… camping in Portugal!
Let me share my experience as a former nomad, living in a caravan for five months. Let’s explore the best places and lets find out what would be the best form of camping for you...

In German


Mein Name ist Lili Marocsik, ich bin auch bekannt als Travel Sister. Das ist meine Agentur, für die ich Menschen beim Reisen begleite, die sich entweder nicht alleine los trauen oder nicht können. Für SR Travel fahre ich auch gerne mit größeren Gruppen mit, wie im September 2018 auf die Kapverden. Jetzt nehme ich auch Sie mit auf die Etappen Sao Vicente und Santo Antao!